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 Michael Taylor

Wildlife Photographer Based In Derbyshire 

I became interested in wildlife at an early age and I’ve been photographing it for some 30 years or so. Being entirely self-taught, in my opinion knowledge of your equipment, the subject, perseverance, practice, and above all, patience are key attributes in capturing a good image. That said, luck can play a big part; being in the right place at the right time certainly helps!

As a wildlife photographer and writer my work has been widely published and includes wildlife articles with accompanying images, photo stories and wildlife photography tuition pieces. These have appeared in a variety of regional and national magazines. I also offer wildlife photography tuition on a 1 to 1, or 1 to 2 basis which is aimed mainly at beginners, or those who have taken the initial plunge but would like to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. For more details please click on 1 to 1 Tuition Workshop on the main menu. 


“Wildlife photography is often very challenging and very frustrating”. 


Consider for example other genres of photography such as landscape, wedding or even a fashion shoot. For all of these you know the subject will be where you expect it to be, and if you’re not happy with your initial images you can simply go again. However, when it comes to wildlife photography it’s just not the same. Why is that the case?

Firstly, you can’t order wild animals to appear where and when you want them to, secondly, they can’t be made to behave how you want them to, and thirdly they can’t be asked to stay in position for as long as you’d like them to. That’s the challenge of wildlife photography and that’s why I’m so passionate about it. 

I consider the art of wildlife photography to be an endless learning process where knowledge of an animal’s likely behaviour in a given situation becomes paramount in striving to get the desired shot. Of course, it goes without saying, a good wildlife knowledge alone won’t guarantee photographic success. To increase the chances of achieving that image you’re really proud of, the photographer must also have a good knowledge of their equipment together with the best settings and technique to use for the planned shot. That's where I can help. In the meantime thanks for visiting my website.