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 Michael Taylor Photography - About Me


  • I'm based in Derbyshire, a short distance from the Peak district. My interest in photography started at a young age when I was about 12 years old. I still have vivid memories of trying to take pictures of the local wildlife. Not surprisingly my first attempts were very unimpressive, to say the least! Since those early years I've learned that to get decent images; practice, perseverance, patience and experience are all crucial qualities. However, there's one other important factor that can't be acquired, but it often plays a huge part - particularly where wildlife photography is concerned, and that's good luck, or put another way, being in the right place at the right time!  
  • I'm entirely self taught, and over the years I've constantly strived to improve my skills. Wildlife photography can be very challenging; it's a never ending learning process, especially when knowledge of an animal's likely behaviour becomes paramount to get the desired shot. 
  • All of my images to date have been taken within the UK, the locations for which include wildlife "hotspots" such as the Isle of Mull, mid Wales, Yorkshire coast, Farne Isles, Peak District, and Norfolk among others.
  • My work - which includes illustrated wildlife articles, photo stories and photography tuition pieces, has been published in various regional and national magazines. Examples can be viewed by selecting Published Work from the main menu. I'm also a contributor to stock agencies such as Alamy. 
  • If you have a requirement for specific wildlife images, or would like to commission an illustrated wildlife article, please click on Contact Me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • In terms of equipment used, I’ve always chosen Canon. My current DSLR body is the 1DX, which I find gives me more than enough scope to cover any type of shot, be it a simple portrait, or an action based composition. My bag also contains a number of Canon L lenses. 
  • Any of the images in the galleries can be purchased as a quality print. Please click on the Sales Page for details of how to make an enquiry, or how to place an order.
  • I do hope you enjoy the website and its galleries. Should you wish to comment on any aspect of the content, please click on Contact Me. Thank you for visiting.